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About Alberto Accettulli


Born in the heart of Genoa, Italy, he found his passion and freedom on the seat of a bike, forever changing his life.  Growing up in the freestyle realm exposed him to a vibrant community of skaters, freestyle motocross riders, BMXers, and snowboarders.

And inspired by the Jonny Knoxville and Co. of MTV's Jackass, he realized the power of video and embarked on a journey into the world of professional videography.

He first started to work for brands in the freestyle community, quickly specializing in Automotive and Motorcycle, following his true passions.

Now, he roams the globe, with no fixed abode but rather monthly travels between Singapore, Los Angeles and London. The airport lounge has become his haven, satisfying his insatiable wanderlust. As a true globetrotter and avid frequent flyer miles, he thrives on the joy of exploring new lands, constantly fulfilling his love for travel.

As director and producer, he crafts compelling video content that knows no boundaries. From Europe to Africa, Asia to the Americas, he has directed and produced projects on every continent, save for Oceania.

Alberto carefully selects clients who share his passions and values with, preferring to work with a limited roster of brands, where true collaboration and creative synergy can flourish.

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